Julian Pixel Schmiederer






Julian Pixel Schmiederer (AT), born 02.02.02, is a director and sound engineer and first appeared artistically in 2010 as part of the Ars Eleronica Festival with the project “Pixel Guitars”. In the basement of the tobacco factory in Linz, a surreal carpet of sound was created with 10 guitars made to sound by motors. The further artistic development remained being in the musical area, as rapper, DJ and hiphop producer he released two mixtapes, one Ep and one album so he could gain a lot of experience in the creation of sound scapes.

This experience was also used in the 2015 project “Gangway Horns”, in which he created apocalyptic sounds with foghorns in the courtyard of the Postcity in Linz. One year later Julian moved to Graz to follow his childhood dream of filmmaking at the Ortweinschule Graz for Film and MultimediaArt. His experience with sound also helped him here, so he was able to work on the film “Taste of Love” as a Foley Artist in his first year at school. Further projects followed in which he worked as a sound engineer, also the internationally presented audio play “schuldICH?” in which he also took over the direction and production management.

After beeing part of the crew of several movies it was time for him to make his own. He made his first steps as a director with the movies “Ich sehe was, was ich nicht she” and “Kruzifix” where he also wrote the scripts.